About Me

I am currently a senior at Old Dominion University, studying English Literature. In my free time, I read and write, and I am currently in the process of trying to revise and publish my first novel.

Art has always been a love of mine, and abstract painting is just another art form that I have taken up and loved.

Aside from art, I love drinking and discussing tea, (I have a tea blog with Steepster) I enjoy British culture, with a particular love for BBC shows, such as Sherlock and Endeavour, as well as QI. As far as reading, I enjoy a little bit of everything, but love Shakespeare, historical fiction, or books with strong female leads, and/or books that tell a tale about growing up and what that means.

In my academic pursuits, I am aiming to achieve a PhD in Disability Studies, and create a Disability Studies program at ODU. Disability Studies, for those who are not familiar with it, is a study of disability using the various academic disciplines that currently exist. Thus, disability is studied using history, science, literature, and many more disciplines. The importance of this field is that it helps raise awareness for the issues that people with disabilities currently face, and it helps create a world with more acceptance, through helping policy makers and advocates, among others, to create better laws and social environments for people with disabilities.

With all of this, I am usually pretty busy, but I love making new friends, so please get in touch, I love hearing from new people! 🙂

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