It Always Works Out in The End

Here’s a confession, though for people that know me it’s not a big secret: I over think and over stress about everything when I am in school. I will panic over how I have to turn in an assignment in 24 hours and I haven’t even started. It’s the curse of being a procrastinator with a perfectionist mind.

And yet, here’s what ends up happening:

I get the shit done hours ahead of time, and I turn it in, and more often than not, I get an A.

Why the hell do we as people place so much significance on things that are so temporary?

Grades are good, school is good, education is good. We need to work hard.

But just because you are a 4.0 student doesn’t mean you are a good student and it certainly doesn’t mean you are a good person.

While my teachers have loved me because I work hard and value my education, the majority of my professors love me because I put out love and positive energy. I try to be kind to everyone, and give everyone something good.

I know already that this way of being is going to get me further in life than striving for material gain.

I just wish my brain knew that and wouldn’t panic on me..

You win some, you lose some, right?

Here’s the deal: live life well. love much. Be happy and give happiness. Don’t worry about the stuff that won’t matter six months from now. Let’s all try to make this world a better place.


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