Ink and Paper

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Handmade Tales.”

An ink and paper book or an e-reader? That is the question. It’s becoming a more and more prevalent question, and while I respect both paper books and e-readers, I will always be a member of the old fashioned book camp.

To me, nothing can quite replace the weight of a book in your hands, and the smell of the pages. Usually, people pick out a book they want to read based on two things: the cover, as that is what draws your attention to said book, and then the plot description on either the back or the inner jacket. Title could also be a factor, but I count that in with the allure of a cover.

For me, though, it goes beyond that. 

I’ll get drawn in by a cover, but I also note the book’s size, the colour of the pages, and the way the text looks on the page. I smell the pages, and take that in, as well. It’s not that these things will stop me from buying a book, per se, but they do make me see the uniqueness between books, and this makes me value the story inside the binding even more.

I also appreciate various fonts and the way type looks on a page, and while you can change font and size on an e-reader, you cannot always get the intricate details of the way a certain font is displayed. How heavy is the ink? Which individual letters or words are more crisp and clear? Ink stands out from a page in a way that makes you study it, not just the words it creates.

So, while technology has allowed us to read and carry 1,000 books on one small device, I like the handmade feeling of a book. It has a level of comfort in it.

There’s beauty in the power of a good, old fashioned book. cropped-cropped-img_3919.jpg


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