Faith and Fiction

Having a YA novel that fits into several genres, one of them being Christian, makes finding an agent and wanting to be mainstream rather difficult.

If I claim faith in my novel, the chance of it gaining popularity like The Hunger Games, or another well loved novel is probably slim. Most mainstream bookstores aren’t going to sell Christian fiction under the other labels it might have–YA, Sci-Fi, fantasy. But even further back, most agents don’t represent Christian, and most Christian agents don’t represent Sci-Fi YA.

This frustrates me though because I’m not shoving my faith down reader’s throats–I’m just writing a novel with Christian themes. Why should it, therefore, be limited to only an audience of faith? I want anyone and everyone to enjoy it, not just Christians. I’m sure not all people of others beliefs will read it, regardless, but if it is labeled as Christian, that will definitely limit the audience.

Pardon me ranting, I just want to get this thing published.


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