The Hunt Begins

Literary Agents.

Finding one is like finding your soul mate, or a unicorn.

(Do they even exist??)

I should be a little nicer–of course, Literary Agents exist, and they are awesome. But you cannot ever just pick one random agent and go with it. Certain agents like certain things, and if your novel is not their thing, then you WILL not get accepted, because you can’t just expect someone to drop their routine or professional way of doing things for you.

You really aren’t that great, I’m sorry.

But even if you do your research, it is very hard to pin one down.

And so, I am in that mind-boggling phase of trying to find a great agent that loves my work and will also take care of me in the process.

But a YA fantasy dystopian Christian themed novel?


If I find a YA agent, they don’t do sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian, or Christian.

If I find Sci/Fan/Dys they don’t do Christian or YA.

If I find YA and Christian they don’t do Sci/Fan/Dys.

Or any other combination thereof.


There is hope though. I know that. I’m staring at five open tabs that all have possible literary agents on them. The cause is not lost.

But I wasn’t quite prepared for the cause to be SO HARD.

So the hunt begins.

Any Lit Agents, or friends of one, that would publish a highly spiritual, YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy Dystopian novel??


(But the journey has begun, and that’s pretty exciting.)


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