Responding To: “A Vision of Students Today”

I was hoping that this video would be rife with inaccuracies. Unfortunately, it is mostly straight on. However, the thing that I like about this video is that it touches upon both sides of the argument of the life of students today–the flaws in the education system itself, and the flaws in the way most students operate.

A class should not have an average size of 117. The percentage of professors that know a student’s name should not be 18%. 

Within the humanities,, these common complaints do not always seem to occur, and for that I am thankful. However, should not all fields of study have a similar environment? One of openness, friendship, and joint scholarship. 

Perhaps this is something that more classes should have. However, it is not just the fault of the education system. 

Yes, if a textbook costs hundreds it should most certainly be read more than once. Or, it should not cost as much if it will not hardly ever be used. However–students themselves have admitted that they only read 49% of what they are assigned. This could be because they have too much on their plate, but it also can relate to these other confessions…

“I spend 3 hours on facebook.” or, “I bring my laptop to class but I’m not doing class stuff on it.”

If the average hours spent by a student adds up to 25.6 hours–that’s a little over a true, full, day. 

And only 3 of those hours are spent studying? 

There is a problem within that. 

Technology will help so many things, but a student also has to help themselves. Instead of spending 3 (or dare I say even more than three) hours on social media, students should be using that time to study. Yes, there does need to be some time allotted for socialising, and doing things to relax and de-stress, but it seems that many students today do not prioritise school work as highly as they should. 

And a missing seat mate? They are paying thousands of dollars for class…..but never come. The issue? They are most likely forced into it, or, even worse, they aren’t paying for it, Mom and Dad are. 

When did learning become a chore? When did school become something forced down children’s throats? When did it become tests and memorisation and class sizes of 117 or more? 

And when did we stop caring? 

The way to bridge this huge gap is for the education system to change, but also for students to start caring about learning again, and for them to realise that it is something that does not happen just in a classroom, but within life itself. 

Colleges need to create an initimate and fun learning environment as a standard, not just something “lucky departments” get to have. 

Professors and teachers of all levels need to be paid as if they are educating future leaders–which they are–not as if this is a job that anyone can do or that is only a bare necessity. Take a minute, students of the world, to imagine your life without any and all your teachers–especially the good ones. What does that look like? 

Parents–STOP FORCING THINGS ON YOUR KIDS. If your son or daughter wants to go directly into the work force, LET THEM. If they want to be an art major instead of a med student, BE HAPPY FOR THEM. If they want to do medical school even if its a ton of money and difficult–SUPPORT THEM. 

Students…respect your teachers, your parents, and yourself. Read your books, do your work, GO TO CLASS and re-organise your time…but don’t be afraid to speak up when something is amiss. 

Life is a constant learning moment. Embrace it. Not everyone gets to have that opportunity. 


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