And The Powerful Play Goes On…


This photo is a composite image of four still-shots from the movie Dead Poets Society, placed over a background photo I can’t quite place, with the last stanza from the oft-quoted “The Road Not Taken,” beside it. I chose this photo because this movie is what made me decide to pursue my passion for Literature, no matter what anyone said or did to try and stop me. This photo argues exactly what the movie argues, by using four significant shots from the movie–one of Neil Perry, the hero that unfortunately did not know how to speak up, and so chose a different route in getting his message across, the entire group of young men affected by Mr. Keating, the teacher in the movie, one of the beautiful nature shots, showing the type of beauty the boys often didn’t appreciate, and the first photo in the group–“Seize The Day,” the main message of it all. This image argues that it is better to “seize the day,” and live life to the full, appreciating everything life gives you, than to take a path that many people have walked. This photo is showing that the path less traveled by, while not always easy, will make a greater difference and mean more than anyone could ever expect.


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